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English for Academic Purposes: Reflections, Description & Pedagogy

Eds: Simone Sarmento, Rozane Rebechi, Marine Laísa Matte

Synopsis: "English for Academic Purposes: Reflections, Description & Pedagogy" explores the complexities of academic language and communication, offering a comprehensive insight from scholars and practitioners in the field. Focusing on English for Academic Purposes (EAP), the book addresses the growing demand for language skills in higher education worldwide. In nine chapters, including an introduction, the book covers different perspectives on teaching, learning, and research in EAP. It emphasizes the importance of academic reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, as well as discipline-specific vocabulary and discourse. In particular,  corpus linguistics emerges as a useful methodology for analyzing academic language patterns and tailoring teaching to individual disciplinary needs. The book also extends its discussion to English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI), highlighting its benefits and challenges in multilingual academic environments. By encouraging collaboration and dialogue, this resourceful compilation aims to advance the field of EAP and inspire innovative approaches to supporting students on their academic language journey.

Texts by: Alfredo Afonso Ferreira, Ana Eliza Pereira Bocorny, Ana Luiza Pires de Freitas, Deise Amaral, Deise Prina Dutra, Diva Cardoso de Camargo, Greta Perris, Jennifer Klein, Larissa Goulart, Laura Baumvol, Lucas Marengo, Luciano Franco da Silva, Maria Kostromitina, Marine Laísa Matte, Paula Tavares Pinto, Rozane Rebechi, Sandra Zappa-Hollman, Simone Sarmento, Talita Serpa, Tony Berber Sardinha.

268 pages - Isbn: 978-65-5778-135-7 (Ebook) - PDF - Epub